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Texte von
Prof. Rolf Bier


life without art

do we need drawings ...?
no, we don´t need
plans nor constructions
we live our lives

whatever a painting is...?
I will not care
while peeling potatoes
in an imageless space

what sculpture could be...?
we don´t know
pigeons will mix it
again and again

I never watch movies,
exept my own
all here is fleshy
when I enter the colorful stream.

re-set (last men walking)

all shiny ice will melt again and
clouds must disappear with rain
all apples will fall off the tree as
leaves will soon be blown away

all rock will turn to soil and sand
all wood will decompose
all walls will collapse inevitably
no flower will be left on lawn

all bees and birds will die first
even tired dust will fade away
all books disband and vanish
no fence will divide space

no men will phone and argue
all sea will be reunified
no museum will be open:
no icon has survived life

cut the flowers now

flowers are shiny beasts!
they overwhelm everybody
with rich painty beauty and
bewitchingly sweet odours

as if there would be
no world of darkness
in the morning
during night
and every day

messengers of a pure botanical
existence enter our cosy nests
turn superclean offices almost
into lawless wilderness

as if there would be
no world of darkness
during night
every day
and in the morning

can´t we stop all this perv´ert green
growth? chop off all these blinking flowers
their tcharming persuasions
and endless blossoming euph´oria?

as if there would be
no world of darkness
every day
in the morning
and during night

flowers - sadly - will win this race
they´ve already caught melankoly
disappointement hate and atony -
all our elaboratly isolated life!

as if there would be
no world of darkness
in the morning
during night
and every day


index of vessels

a mug is for drinking
a box is for keeping
a jar likes smashed fruits
we´re used to call jam

nice tulips do longer
survive stuck in old china
solid cups help coffee
startin´ the morning

isn´t there a core
concerning more
than myself?
so many things
help us every day!

a bag is for carrying
a case is for storaging
a tin hinders buisy fish
from swimming away

welldesigned bottles
promise delicious drinks
which only a purse
can willingly pay

isn´t there a core
concerning more
than myself?
so many things
help us every day!

a crate is for protecting
a cage is for holding
somebody tight an empty
bowl just catchs the air

if people are dead you´ll
need a coffin more than
a suitcase as people won´t
carry anything away

isn´t there a core
concerning more
than myself?
so many things
help us every day!

a book is for reading
a mirror for identifying
in the house you´ll find
paintings and beautiful shirts

all cars and boats are
dreaming of flying around
why I am a container?
or am I a vessel too?

isn´t there a core
concerning more
than myself?
so many things
help us every day!


time to think a happy death

Baby I love you in the morning
I´ll love you on monday morning too
your skin is smooth like goats milk
I just can´t think of dying (right) now

Honey, I love you at noon and dawn
and the whole dark night through
your lips smell like squeezed bananas
I guess, it´s time to think a happy death

We make tender love between five
and six and six and seven every day
your kisses hit me like cosmic hugs
Yes, it´s time to think a happy death

We´ll make love also every sunday
and I will ever keep on lovin´ you
your sweet smile will always shine on me
it´s time to think a happy death

A photo stands beneath my lonely bed
it singlely remained within the burning house
your lovely face welcomes me day to day
I guess I missed a happy death


people say

all people say everything is all right
we can´t escape the blue sky today
the sun is even burning down the past
this feels like a happy day!

we jump into the warm water like nuts
apparently the summer will be beautiful
and everybody kisses the neighbour
this must be a happy day than!

we don´t talk no bad stuff about others
we are friendly even to nasty dogs for a while
we don´t shout or cry in public no more
as this is really a happy day!

coming home we fall asleep as children do
we are not afraid of crime or war no more
we just have been in paradise and ate a lot
as this was a real happy day - people say



I never say yes i never say no
I am just riding all-time - rodeo
for fun I live here or there
fate drives me everywhere

once I dress blue once green or red
when I have breakfast in bed
I am very lazy and just don´t care
I am also lying anywhere

when you see me around
don´t come close it´ isnt me
maybe you will hear a rumor
it´s grey shadows of lost society

museums seem always dead to me
I gave always shit on history
I could´nt share a thing and no belief
there never was commitment I´d agree

if I´ll run out of drinks and money
I will riot beat you up immediately
than disappear in sinking land
a stinking sphinx of instability

was I

was i a king and a citizen
was i a man and a woman
was i a flame and hidden water
was i a star and a sculpture
was i micro and macro (living dead)
was i music and noise
was i a machine and a guide
was i an explosion and a dialogue
was i ground and waste


what do colors want from me?

there is an extremly aggressive red
I never want to face immidiately
it makes me sweat and tear
and even blind with fear

there is a smiling yellow
I can´t stand it unfortunately
my flat was painted like that
very unexpected recently

there is this special ice-cold blue
on holydays it covers sky and air
it is persistently focussing me
here and everywhere

and finally all this natural green
barging in between you and me
just when we really want to be alone
why, why can´t these colors live alone?

so I´d better keep on going on
brave and pure just black and white
so things may stay in contrast
at least the same - even overnight

a house is not a home

once you slept on the floor at
another windy place every night
finally you need a home for yourself

everybody wants to have a house
at a certain point of life like all
the others already have built

looking through clear windows
you will than watch other people
running around outside all the time

you would sit beside a cosy fireplace
forever but entropy is always busy
even big logs will soon turn into ashes

shure, you´ll need a dog or a horse
and even a mouse might do in case
you´ll suddenly feel alone here

since you´ve started to dream of
a careless and safe life you need
to pay for it again and again

everybody wants to owe a house
but everybody needs a home first
to shelter from the endless space